Pauline Divincenzo Woodbury

20th Anniversary
In Loving Memory of
Pauline Divincenzo Woodbury
April 3, 1957 - January 23, 1998
Just a short note-
Not too mushy,
I'll try not to make it that kind
But I want you to know
And deep in the back of my mind.
Whenever I'm depressed
Filled with self-pity
Feeling all challenges fall on me,
I've come close to saying "I can quit"
And no one will think lesser of me.
But I've come to realize
Life is not easy
Everyone yields some kind of pain.
So instead of giving up
I've raised my head high
Finding sunshine in the midst of rain.
This lesson was taught
By someone with courage
Whose faith everyone can see.
So I just want to say
"Thank you Pauline"
For teaching this lesson to me.

Written by Angela Fortunato for Pauline's 40th Birthday Mom and Sisters Marie, Janet and Andrea
Published in